Cloud Imperium receives warning over Star Citizen "concept ships" marketing

Cloud Imperium receives warning over Star Citizen "concept ships" marketing

The developer of the ambitious and long-awaited sci-fi title Star Citizen, Cloud Imperium, has been given a talking to by the UK's Advertising Standards Authority (ASA).

Per Eurogamer, the studio was reported to the marketing body by Reddit user mazty, who said in a post on the site that they were "fed up" with the games company's "constant lies." Specifically, they complained over a marketing email sent to subscribers in July pushing the Gatac Railen concept ship; though the message does not say that this craft does not actually exist within Star Citizen yet.

Now, the ASA has seemingly responded to the Redditor's claims, telling Eurogamer that it was not sufficiently clear that these space ships might never become a reality.

"On that basis, we issued an Advice Notice advising the advertiser, in future, to ensure that its ads include any material information and significant limitations," the organisation said.

Cloud Imperium appears to have taken heed and is now being more open about how it discusses concept ships.

"This means that the vehicle is in development but is not yet ready to display in your Hangar or fly in Star Citizen," the studio said in a more recent email.

"It will be available as playable content in a later patch. In the future, the vehicle price may increase and Lifetime Insurance or any extras may not be available."

Since Cloud Imperium first started raising money to make Star Citizen in 2012, the project has brought in over $350 million in crowdfunding.

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