Star Citizen has raised $251m in funding

Star Citizen has raised $251m in funding

Ambitious crowdfunded sci-fi title Star Citizen has raised more than $251m from its community.

That's according to the official funding counter on developer Roberts Space Industries' website, which says that $251,255,832 has been raised - at the time of writing - from 2,449,260 backers. That's $50m higher than the $200m the title had raised this time last year. The game has attracted 322,814 backers in that time, too. 

During 2018, Star Citizen raised in the region of $39m from its backers, an increase of 12 per cent year on-on-year. That doesn't include $46m which it raised in private investment to help get the single-player portion of the ambitious title out by late 2020.

The studio was also hoping to have a beta for Squadron 42 out during the summer of 2020 but this has been pushed back and will be launching between July and September, with development now split between that title and Star Citizen.

In May 2019, it was revealed that America's Federal Trade Commission had received 129 complaints about Star Citizen, with staff from the developer painting the project as mismanaged.

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Joe Blobers Project Manager
Quote:<i>"it was revealed that America's Federal Trade Commission had received 129 complaints about Star Citizen"</i>

Correct and all have been solved in accordance with TOS which apply to all backers, including a judge denying refund to a guy which pledges thousands.

129 out of +1.2 million individual backers, +10.000's joining at every single free week (around 20 days per year) and Squadron 42 (solo) in 4 quarters.

Money is one thing, more new backers joining after free weeks is what make this project a true, tested and approved reality by gamer community.
Quite shocking for Publishers after Fallout 76 and Anthem which have to be re-worked from ground while current SC Alpha gathered more features in Alpha than ANY single Triple-A released by Publishers with Billions $ revenues... per year.