Bethesda’s Pete Hines - The word “replayable” doesn’t mean anything

Bethesda’s Pete Hines - The word “replayable” doesn’t mean anything

Bethesda’s Pete Hines discussed the company’s single-player perspective and called out the word “replayable” as particularly useless in an interview with IGN this week.

At Gamescom last week, the Skyrim maker’s VP of global marketing and communications was grilled on the company’s approach to single-player. During the interview, Hines stated that Bethesda had begun to move away from the idea of “replayability” as a value.

“We have a joke in the office. I have banned the word replayable because that's not a feature," said Hines "Every game is replayable. Tetris is replayable. Every game can be replayed from the beginning. That’s not unique. That's not a feature.”

Rather, Hines feels games should provide a very early showcase of how much value and opportunity games can contain, to incentivise an early investment in the experience.

“What is going to give the player that feeling of value if they buy this thing? How do we show them all the stuff they can do and how long they can play it for? It’s an evolution of thinking.”

The VP affirmed that single-player experiences are still a strong part of Bethesda’s identity, even if it has begun to branch out into multiplayer.

Hines added: “Single-player is part of who we are. We're also the folks that make Elder Scrolls Online. We make Quake Champions. We make Elder Scrolls: Legends. But single player is part of who we are.”

Bethesda is taking risks with Fallout’s next entry - besides going into multiplayer sandboxes, the title is skipping Steam entirely. Fortunately for Steam users, that may be a one-time deal.

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