Fallout 76 is coming to Steam with its Wastelanders update

Fallout 76 is coming to Steam with its Wastelanders update

Bethesda will bring its online multiplayer title Fallout 76 to Steam later this year.

As revealed on Twitter (below), the game will arrive on Valve's storefront on April 7th. When the game was launched in 2018, the publisher chose to release it on its PC games launcher - it wanted a closer relationship with consumers.

On top of this, April 7th also marks the release date for the new Wastelanders update. The free expansion offers a new main mission - in the Appalachian mountains - which can be tackled as a team or solo.

As announced on Bethesda's website, the Wastelanders will bring fully voiced NPCs to the RPG. Furthermore, new locations, enemies, weapons and a new reputation system will be introduced.

To say Fallout 76's launch was rocky would be an understatement, it was riddled with bugs - to the extent that Bethesda was forced to extend its beta testing. The American firm was investigated for its less-than-impressive refund policy after the apocalyptic game was launched.

Consumers in Australia that purchased the game between November 24th 2018 and June 1st 2019 were offered refunds.

It didn't take long for bans to be handed out, barely two months after release, a group of players were banned for in-game homophobic attacks. At the start of the year, users were losing their inventory items after being hacked.

In an attempt to jump on the subscription bandwagon, Bethesda launched a new service - Fallout 1st. It was met with a less than favourable response by consumers, who complained about various bugs and the new private worlds not being as secluded as promised.

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