Fallout 76 fans not happy with Bethesda's new subscription service

Fallout 76 fans not happy with Bethesda's new subscription service

Bethesda’s new subscription service for Fallout 76 has been ill-received by fans.

Posting on Reddit, users of the subscription service are less than impressed with Fallout 1st so far. Various bugs appear to affect user experience, they range from armour issues and camp problems to being unable to open loot boxes.

First launched last week, the new service - which costs $11.99 per month or $99.99 per year - promised players private worlds, however, private doesn’t seem to be the right word. Anyone on a users friends list can enter their world without invitation. On top of this, the “new” worlds don’t appear to be so new, with dead NPC’s and already looted goods.

“We understand this is not what players expected for their Private Worlds,” said a Bethesda representative in a statement to Polygon.

“We are looking to provide an option in an upcoming patch that will allow Fallout 1st members to restrict access to their servers more completely.”

The representative continued: “When a Fallout 1st member starts a Private World, a dedicated world is launched on an [Amazon Web Services] server. Players who have seen looted containers upon login may be experiencing the expected behaviour upon log out and log in.

“Loot is instanced for each player in containers. As Fallout 76 players know, if you loot a container on one server, and then log out and log back into another server, the container remains in a ‘looted’ state for a period of time.”

Continuing their statement to Polygon, Bethesda’s representative claimed updates are coming for the various features of its new membership service.

“A small number of players with a large quantity of scrap are experiencing a display issue causing their Scrap Box to appear empty. We are actively working to address this issue, both internally and using the data and characters folks from the community have provided.

“Our initial investigation indicated that this was a display issue and that no items had gone missing.

“However, we have since found that a small number of players have in fact experienced a loss of scrap items after placing them into the Scrap Box and then loading into a world.

The representative concluded: “Resolving this issue is currently our top priority. We are also exploring ways to restore the missing items."

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