EU votes for Commission to take action against loot boxes, addiction and gold farming

EU votes for Commission to take action against loot boxes, addiction and gold farming

The European Parliament has voted to tackle some of the issues facing the games industry.

The report was brought by MEP Adriana Maldonado López and passed with 577 votes in favour. As a result, the European Commission will be analysing what impact in-game purchases such as loot boxes have, in addition to looking into golden farming and its ties to financial crime and human rights violations.

The EU has also called on game companies to stop creating addictive systems.

The report doesn't just focus on the negative problems video games are facing at the moment. It also calls for the European Commission to build a European Video Game Strategy that will help it grow. There are also discussions of creating a European video game award, too.

“Our report highlights the positives of this pioneering industry, but also social risks we need to bear in mind, like the impact of gaming on mental health," said López when introducing her report to the plenary today.

"This is something that can particularly affect younger gamers. We need to harmonise EU rules, ensuring strengthened consumer protection and with a specific focus on minors."

In a statement to, the Interactive Software Federation of Europe and the European Game Developers Federation added: "European consumer protection laws are extensive and flexible to cover and sanction practices that are deemed misleading, unfair, or aggressive," the statement read. "As recognised by several studies, the problem lies with insufficient enforcement, which undermines the effectiveness of the legal framework."

"Our industry is committed to a fair and transparent consumer experience when playing video games. European players have more choice of amazing games than ever, thanks to the increased variety of business models the industry has developed. Regulators should guard the right to access these cultural products while keeping Europe’s high level of consumer protection."

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