Ubisoft claims that it is "on right path" to come back from "misconduct crisis"

Ubisoft claims that it is "on right path" to come back from "misconduct crisis"

French publishing giant Ubisoft is reportedly "on the right path" when it comes to winning back staff after accusations of widespread abuse and harassment at the company.

That's according to the firm's chief people officer, Anika Grant (pictured), who recently spoke at the HR Summit and said that a recent employee survey showed that the company had made progress in improving its working culture.

"HR was considered to be part of the problem," Grant said.

"As a result, we had lost the confidence of our teams. Confidence in us as a function, confidence in us as individuals and as a profession. So my first priority was to figure out how we could win back that trust.

"Listening is a core ingredient of trust and respect. To feel respected, people need to feel heard."

Grant continued: "The work that's needed to foster a safe and caring workspace is something that never really ends, and something that we continue to focus on and be invested in," she said. "But at least for now, we've heard directly from our teams that we're on the right parth and that progress has been made."

Disclaimer: Alex Calvin is a freelance journalist and writer who has worked with Ubisoft in the past

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