Ubisoft's Canadian studios give staff pay rise to halt exodus

Ubisoft's Canadian studios give staff pay rise to halt exodus

French publishing giant Ubisoft is giving its staff a pay rise in a bid to stop people from leaving the company.

As reported by Kotaku, these developers are receiving an increase in pay across the board. This pay strategy is being implemented in Montreal, Quebec City, Toronto, Chicoutimi, Halifax, and Winnipeg and is effective immediately.

Apparently, however, those who are currently well taken care of are going to be benefitting greater from this increase in compensation. According to the A Better Ubisoft worker group, juniors stand to receive a five-to-seven per cent increase, while senior roles could see their compensation increase by as much as 20 per cent.

While staff might be looking to leave as a result of the well-documented workplace issues at Ubisoft, it's more likely that this change in pay is the result of increase competition within the Canadian development scene. Many games companies are setting up shop in regions such as Montreal and have been poaching Ubisoft veterans to lead or staff these new ventures.

This includes Amazon Games, TiMi and Goose Byte, who have all set up shop in Montreal in the last year. 

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