Ex-Wargaming community manager accuses company of "toxic corporate culture"

Ex-Wargaming community manager accuses company of "toxic corporate culture"

Community manager Zachary “CabMech” Doig has left his position at Wargaming and has accused the company of having a "toxic corporate culture."

In a post on Twitter, the former senior manager of community and events for the US World of Tanks team said that he was resigning over what he believes was an "illegitimate and incredibly persistent campaign" to scapegoat a member of his team.

Said employee, going by the name Gneisenau013, was fired earlier in the week following a ship that Wargaming had said would be designed in league with the community was released with almost no suggestions from the audience.

"I am making this painful decision because of the recent termination of an employee on my team that I believe to be a kind and competent individual for reasons that I personally perceive to be an illegitimate and incredibly persistent campaign to unfairly scapegoat him by the leadership of his former team that in my opinion is desperate to have anyone at all to blame for the most recent incident of, what I perceive to be, a toxic corporate culture perpetuating a cycle of serious errors that stretches back at least 4 years - well before his time on that team and with causes well over his pay grade," Doig wrote.

"The team member in question did make mistakes, and when asked to apologize for them publicly despite having left that team he stepped up and did so like the honorable individual he is. In spite of this, senior members of that team, in my opinion, waged an unrelenting backdoor campaign to get him terminated from my team. I can only describe this behavior as cowardly, contemptible, and shitbird-like." has reached out to Wargaming for comment.

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