Halo 4 finally comes to PC next week

Halo 4 finally comes to PC next week

2012's Halo 4 is finally making the leap to PC next week.

The news was revealed via the series' official Twitter account, which said that the title will be coming to PC on November 17th. In the description of the trailer on YouTube, this is described as "optimised for PC." Furthermore, Halo 4's campaign has been "fully remastered." It's the final title to join The Master Chief Collection.

This debuted for Xbox One back in 2014 and is a compilation of the sci-fi shooter series that featured touched up versions of the Halo titles. The Master Chief Collection made the transition to PC in December 2019 with the debut of Halo Reach on the platform. This resulted in massive engagement with the compilation.

Halo 3 came to The Master Chief Collection in July, resulting in a spike in concurrent users on Steam.

The next entry in the series is Halo Infinite, a title that was meant to be launching alongside Microsoft's Xbox One X and S consoles which launch, erm, today (Tuesday, November 10), but the game was delayed until early 2021. This was in the wake of a gameplay showcase in July that disappointed many fans.

Since then, Halo Infinite director Chris Lee has departed the project after Microsoft creative director Joseph Staten was bumped up to become the game's lead.

Developer 343 Industries has said that Halo Infinite will be a "ten year" game, likely a reference to the claims made about Destiny franchise by its creator – and also the studio that made Halo – Bungie. Microsoft has said that Halo Infinite's Slipstream Engine will treat PC as "a full first-class citizen" rather than being an after thought.

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