Riot Games is adding ads to League of Legends

Riot Games is adding ads to League of Legends

Riot Games will add advertisement banners to competitive League of Legends matches.

As announced on the game's website, the American firm revealed its first digital product for League of Legends esports, Summoner's Rift Arena Banners. They will allow the individual leagues to customise how their banner looks to viewers while watching official matches.

However, to prevent a hindrance to pro players, competitors will still see the normal Summoner's Rift banner.

"Starting with the Summer Split, fans watching official League of Legends esports broadcasts will start to see more esports branding directly on the Rift," said Riot.

"In the future, you can expect to see leagues begin to experiment with unique approaches that will more deeply integrate our partners to engage local and regional fan bases."

"This is the first digital product we're announcing ahead of the Summer Split that's designed to build a richer viewing experience around esports. Our aspiration is to create an environment that exudes the energy found in traditional sports, and we'll continue to work towards that goal."

Riot continued: "While these banners will be visible to those watching online, pros will continue to see the standard Summoner's Rift model while playing their official matches. This will ensure that a new visual model won't impact their ability to practice and compete on an identical Rift."

Earlier this month, the American firm revealed it would host a 48 hour League of Legends charity livestream between May 29th and 31st.

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