Players can sign up for Valve's new Artifact beta test

Players can sign up for Valve's new Artifact beta test

Players can sign up for the second beta for Valve's Dota card game spin-off Artifact.

As revealed on Twitter (below), a new page has been created on the game's website for users to express interest in the beta. However, original players will be given priority.

"Everyone is welcome to sign up, but players of the original version will be given priority. If you were expecting an email from us but didn't get it for any reason the link above will still work for you," said Valve.

Valve has a keen focus on usability and bugs, it believes these are the areas that need to be ironed out first.

"Our first two areas of focus are Usability and Bugs. Feedback on other topics is welcome, but fixing these types of issues will let us grow the beta more quickly. There is an in-game tool to report any issues, and you can use the feedback email for anything that requires a discussion," said Valve.

In April, the Dota card game spin-off experienced its highest concurrent player figure for a year. Artifact was first released in November 2018, at launch the game saw a peak simultaneous user count of 55k. A month later, the player base dropped by 81 per cent.

Valve took its game back to the drawing board in April 2019.

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