Valve's Artifact is now "under construction"

Valve's Artifact is now "under construction"

Valve's troubled digital collectable card game Artifact is now apparently "under construction," whatever that means.

In a news post on the project's website, the developer thanked the Artifact audience and said that we can expect to hear more about the changes made to the game in the wake of Half-Life: Alyx's launch, which is today (Monday, March 23rd).

Artifact launched in November 2018 and marked the first of what was said to be a new wave of games made by Valve. The title saw 55,000 concurrent players in its first day in the wild, but that figure soon dipped considerably. At the time of writing, 180 people are players the title with a 24-hour peak of 263 users according to SteamCharts

The game's designer described the launch as rocky in March 2019, with Valve announcing it was going back to the drawing board with Artifact the following month.

This reboot is actually proving to be so big that internally, Valve is referring to it as Artifact 2, according to Edge magazine via GamesRadar.

Valve is also releasing a new Half-Life title today in VR-exclusive Alyx

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