Star Citizen is free to play until June 1st

Star Citizen is free to play until June 1st

Cloud Imperium Games has made Star Citizen free to play until June 1st.

As announced on its website, the space combat simulator will be free as part of its Invictus Launch Week 2950 event. Several of the game's ships will be available for flight to give players a chance to test out multiple vehicles.

"To celebrate Invictus Launch Week, we're hosting a Free Fly of epic proportions! All you need to do is sign up for an account, download the game, and you're set to play for free for the duration of the event," said Cloud Imperium Games.

"Most ships on display are available to test-fly for free, so just select the ship you want, and take to the skies. Different manufacturers take over every other day, so keep checking back to be inspired by everything the event has to offer.

"All ships available for the Free Fly will also be available in the pledge store during the event on their designated manufacturer days. We'll also make available a selection of ships that won't be a part of the Free Fly, but will still be available on the pledge store. Which ones? Think firepower. It is a military show, after all."

CIG is currently in conflict with Crytek. The Squadron 42 creator sued the Star Citizen developer in 2017 after CIG developed its game through Amazon Lumberyard after having agreed to use the CryEngine exclusively.

However, earlier this year, Crytek moved to temporarily dismiss the case until after the release of Squadron 42. CIG has described the lawsuit as "meritless."

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