Cloud Imperium Games continues its fight with Crytek

Cloud Imperium Games continues its fight with Crytek

Star Citizen developer Cloud Imperium Games (CIG) has made its next steps in its legal battle with Crytek.

In a court document - via Eurogamer - CIG claimed that Crytek had realised its lawsuit was "meritless" after the company sought to temporarily dismiss its lawsuit. Crytek wanted to wait until after the release of Squadron 42 to have its case against CIG.

"The real reason Crytek wants to walk away from its SQ42 claim is because Crytek can no longer delay the inevitable reckoning that its claim is and has always been meritless," said the document.

The document continued: "At the very least, the Court should dismiss Crytek’s credits claim with prejudice and order that the security bond be released to CIG.

"Crytek should not be allowed to aim its car at CIG’s storefront window, stomp the accelerator, smash through, do doughnuts for years, then back out and drive away to maybe circle around and crash CIG again another day.

"Crytek richly deserves having its keys taken away for all time, so that CIG can conduct responsible business without further interference from Crytek or its series of lawyers."

CIG added that the money from the security bond "would barely cover a portion of the wreckage."

Crytek initially sued CIG in 2017, the problem stems from the developer using Amazon Lumberyard for Star Citizen's development after having agreed to exclusively use Crytek's CryEngine.

Cloud Imperium first tried to get the case dismissed in early 2018.

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