Crytek is trying to temporarily dismiss its own lawsuit against Star Citizen

Crytek is trying to temporarily dismiss its own lawsuit against Star Citizen

Middleware maker Crytek is apparently trying to dismiss its lawsuit against Star Citizen developers Cloud Imperium Games and Roberts Space Industries for the time being.

That's going by court documents - spotted by Reddit user RiSC1991 - the CryEngine firm is looking to have its case against the Star Citizen studios until after single-player portion Squadron 42 is released.

Initially, the case was set to be heard on June 16th, 2020, having already been pushed back on the request of both sides. By requesting the trial be pushed back again, Crytek is saying that Squadron 42 will not be out by this summer.

In September of last year, the beta for Squadron 42 was delayed until between July and September of 2020.

Crytek initially filed a lawsuit against Cloud Imperium in December 2017 saying that the developer had caused it "substantial harm" by violating an agreement to exclusively use its CryEngine tech for Star Citizen's development. Cloud Imperium filed a motion to dismiss in January 2018.

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Joe Blobers Project Manager
Star Citizen (MMO) got in December 3.8 patch, Squadron 42 (solo) do have a planned Beta for Q3 2020 with SC getting in the meantime 4 extra patch adding most contents and gameplay, all SQ42 assets will be injected in SC at release… roughly around mid-2021 assuming SQ42 beta takes a couple quarters.

Court rejected Crytek suit main points several times already:
CIG’s motion to dismiss on copyright infringement grounds,
CIG was not obligated to promote CryEngine as Crytek claimed,
CIG had not “engaged in the business of designing or promoting a competing game engine.

In short, Trial was Crytek last attempt to grab cash... and they failed as CIG can make a single Launcher for both SQ42 and SC and they will never approve to dismiss without prejudice as Crytek claim has no merit since day one.

Financially speaking, 2018 was the best pledges year since start of the project from scratch end of November 2012 (12 guys, no pipelines, no studios)… 2019 pledges are even higher with 10 extra M$ compared to 2018 pledges. The all project have been valued by Independent Auditors back in 2018 to +460M$ (without Calders investment).

Backers # was +37K (end of Kickstarter) to +1.1 million despite Alpha… in order to make this project possible as there is nothing to expect from Publishers, releasing sequel after sequel or game to be re-worked from ground (Anthem). Free weeks, allow anyone to test/play current SC Alpha… Something publishers are scared to do even with finished product :)