Report: New Call of Duty: Black Ops game set in Vietnam

Report: New Call of Duty: Black Ops game set in Vietnam

Activision's next Call of Duty title could be called Call of Duty: Vietnam.

As revealed by journalist Jason Schreier on Twitter (below), the suspected title has been "thrown around" a few times. However, the former Kotaku editor was unable to confirm if that game was part of Black Ops series.

"I’m not a COD person so I don’t know anything about all the lore shenanigans or what it really means to be a Black Ops game, but one title I’ve heard thrown around a couple times is just 'COD: Vietnam'," said Schreier.

"As far as I know it’s part of the Black Ops series though? Not sure"

A New York Times report by Schreier indicates that the game is still on schedule despite the coronavirus outbreak. Other publishers and developers have been forced to delay their titles, once such a game is The Last of Us Part II. The survival horror title is rumoured to be coming to PC.

Schreier stepped down as Kotaku's news editor earlier this month. The industry veteran has joined the tech reporting team at Bloomberg.

Last month, Call of Duty Modern Warfare's battle royale mode – Warzone – was released. Within 24 hours, the game attracted six million players, and that number rose to 15 million in four days. After 10 days, 30m had jumped into the Warzone.

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