Bethesda fixes audio and add-on problems in Doom and Doom II

Bethesda fixes audio and add-on problems in Doom and Doom II

Bethesda has released a new update for Doom and Doom II across all platforms. Yes, the original 1993 and 1994 titles. 

As revealed on the company's website, the update includes improvements to audio, as well as a number of quality of life changes and additional add-ons to the iconic shooters. 

The audio has been overhauled with the fallout for sound distance now using the same volume ranges as the original DOS release. Furthermore, objects that make simultaneous noise will now interrupt each other.

No End in Sight – a new add on – brings in more than 30 levels. Further add-on changes include multiple episodes can be selected correctly and sounds at 22khz now play correctly.

Further changes to the games feature kills, items and secrets now being displayed on the automap during gameplay – colours on the maps have changed to clearly make doors and unexplored areas.

To optimise performance, quick load skips the screen wipe animation. Stalls that can occur when quick loading the game with add-ons have also been fixed.

Last month, Bethesda launched the latest game in the series – Doom Eternal. It had the best opening weekend in the franchise to date. On top of this, the game hit 104.9k users on Steam upon its March 20th release. The game also shot straight to the top of the Steam chart.

Recently, the publisher confirmed it would not be holding a digital conference in June, despite having an event at E3 every year since 2015.

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