Doom Eternal hits 104.9k concurrent users on Steam

Doom Eternal hits 104.9k concurrent users on Steam

The latest Doom title from developer Id Software and publisher Bethesda saw more than 104,000 people playing it at once.

That's according to SteamDB, which reports that Doom Eternal had 104,891 simultaneous players in the wake of its Friday, March 20th release.

That's 236.9 per cent higher than the all-time user peak of its predecessor, 2016's Doom, which hit a record of 44,271 concurrent players.

In the last week, Twitch users viewed more than 6.5m hours of Doom Eternal streams, according to analytics platform SullyGnome. 163,857 hours of gameplay footage were broadcast to an average of 38,470 viewers.

Doom Eternal was the best-selling title on Steam last week, too.

Developer Id Software has said that it spent most of 2019 crunching on Doom Eternal, though executive producer Marty Stratton said that different parts of the team were working long hours at different times in order to ensure staff didn't burn out.

There's also a TV show on the way about the creation of the original Doom. The series is being made by James and Dave Franco's production company and is based on David Kushner's book Masters of Doom. 

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