Rumours are swirling about a new Half-Life title

Rumours are swirling about a new Half-Life title

A new rumour has surfaced that Valve is getting ready to announce a new Half Life title.

As revealed in a leaked transcript, Geoff Keighley (pictured) claimed “Half-Life: Alyx” is coming out in March 2020 in an interview with Robin Walker and an unnamed third person.

It is set to be announced at The Game Awards.

"Half-Life: Alyx", (It will be at) The Game Awards, December 12th. We will have more to share with you on the game there so I hope you get to tune in. I'm excited to show more of it there,” said Keighley.

The leaked interview offers some insight into how the new potential Half-Life would play.

“You can see their whole body respond to the situation,” said the unnamed person.

“You know, panicking, dropping clips on the ground as they fumble their weapons 'cause a zombie's in front of them, all these things, they're just - it's been really fun watching playtests.

Half-Life: Alyx - should it come to fruition - is set to be a VR title.

"But why does this have to be VR only? Which you know is a fair concern for people, right? It's like, are they forcing me to buy VR to have the next "Half-Life" experience,” asked Keighley.

Is that just 'cause you think the opportunity for innovation was sort of in the VR space with this? You're not doing a flat-screen version of this game, right?”

In response to Keighley’s questions, the unnamed interviewee claimed Valve would like to release a mouse and keyboard version. However, the title’s concept came about by exploring virtual reality.

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