PlatinumGames' The Wonderful 101 is coming to Steam

PlatinumGames' The Wonderful 101 is coming to Steam

Japanese studio PlatinumGames will be bringing its Wii U title The Wonderful 101 to Steam in the future.

The developer took to Kickstarter recently to fund a remastered version of the game for Nintendo's Switch console, with the first stretch goal being the title coming to Steam, too. The studio had a rather low $50,000 goal for the project, with the first stretch goal clocking in at a slightly more healthy $250,000.

That being said, it does seem that the game has already been made given that digital versions of the release are set to roll out to backers in April 2020. It's not clear if this is just the Switch version or if the Steam edition has already been made; our money is that it hasn't.

PlatinumGames has been in a rather interesting situation in recent years. The firm has made critically acclaimed titles that seem to sell rather well, but these are generally IP that it doesn't own itself, such as Square Enix's Nier Automata, Nintendo's Astral Chain or the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Legend of Korra and Transformers games it made for Activision.

As a result, the company has been trying to diversify its offering and make the most of IP it owns itself and even has two self-published titles in the works itself.

The company recently took on investment from Chinese giant Tencent

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