New Xbox studio The Initiative is working on both old and new IP

New Xbox studio The Initiative is working on both old and new IP

Xbox's man in charge Phil Spencer has hinted that its new The Initiative studio could be working on older series.

On Twitter (below), Spencer commented that his recent trip to the California-based studio had been positive. The Santa Monica outfit is said to be working on both old and new things, which many have taken as a hint that the developer is handling some older Xbox IP, in addition to making brand new franchises.  

Microsoft set up The Initiative development studio in 2018. On top of this, the company announced four new acquisitions at E3 2018 including Hellblade creator Ninja Theory.

In June 2019, we took a look at who had joined the studio in its first year of business. Studio head, Darrell Gallagher joined the big M in April 2018 - before the studio was even announced.

After the studio was revealed, Gallagher claimed that he and the initiative aim to "make something ground-breaking."

Last year, Spencer confirmed that the upcoming Project Scarlett does not have a VR focus, he claimed "nobody's asking for VR. He later explained his stance on virtual reality, while it might not be a focus for Xbox he does love how the industry has progressed.

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