Undead Labs studio head is launching a development academy

Undead Labs studio head is launching a development academy

Undead Labs founder and studio head Jeff Strain will launch a new development academy in New Orleans.

As revealed on the company's website, Microsoft and its Xbox brand will be supporting the endeavour. However, few details were given as to what the new initiative will involve.

The new initiative will focus on finding talent in small towns, Stain believes "big ideas don’t always come from the biggest cities or the flashiest neighbourhoods."

Strain will continue his role as studio head the State of Decay developer, while he also works on the academy in New Orleans.

"With the support of Xbox and Microsoft, Jeff’s going to continue in his role as studio head at Undead Labs while also building opportunities to bring in people who might not otherwise consider a career in the game industry," reads the announcement.

"Maybe even someone with the vision for the next State of Decay is out there just waiting for the right opportunity! That’s all we can say for now, but we’ll share more information as soon as we can."

State of Decay 2 got off to a good start last year, it attracted one million players within two days. Within two weeks, two million people caught the undead bug and in a month three million players were infected.

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