State of Decay 2 infected 2 million players in its first fortnight

State of Decay 2 infected 2 million players in its first fortnight

State of Decay 2 saw two million players fending off the undead hordes in its first two weeks.

The survival sequel saw over two million users in the two weeks since launching on May 22nd, Microsoft announced yesterday. Note that this isn’t sales, which are likely to be substantially lower. State of Decay 2 was made available through Game Pass on launch, so the number of full-price sales is unknown. The high number of unique users still means the game’s still managed to find a place in the market, even if critical reception to the sequel was rather lukewarm.

The Microsoft blog post reads: “It has been incredible to see fans around the world supporting State of Decay 2, and we are excited to share that we have reached more than 2 million players in less than two weeks. On behalf of the team here and our incredibly talented partners at Undead Labs, we want to thank the millions of fans old and new who have helped build such a strong community of players”

This follows State of Decay 2 achieving over one million users in its first two days. Developer Undead Labs have continued to support the game post-launch, with a recent 20GB patch fixing many technical and quality of life issues.

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