UPlay+ users reportedly being locked out of their accounts

UPlay+ users reportedly being locked out of their accounts

Users of Ubisoft’s new UPlay+ subscription service have reported several issues including being unable to access their accounts.

As shown on the official Ubisoft forum and the UPlay subreddit, consumers are reporting repeat charges, deleted credit card information and service suspensions.

Perhaps the most common complaint among users of the service is that they are being prevented from using their accounts. Unable to access their games despite having already paid with a valid payment method.

Some users are claiming to have been locked out of their accounts for over a week.

However, other users are claiming to have been charged multiple times for the service in a single month. On top of this, subscribers are unable to remove their details, meaning further charges continue to occur.

The publishing giant has acknowledged the issues, informing Its subscription users that it is investigating the ongoing problems with failed payment errors and being unable to remove payment details, as well as issues with being unable to subscribe to the service and the subscription expired bug.

But, these problems appear to have been occurring since the service’s launch in September.

UPlay+ is currently only available on PC. However, the subscription service will be coming to Google Stadia in 2020. The French firm recently released a new Rabbids game for its UPlay launcher, intending to teach beginners the basics of coding.

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