Here's why Dragonest has teamed up with Tencent to publish Drodo Auto Chess in China

Here's why Dragonest has teamed up with Tencent to publish Drodo Auto Chess in China

Chinese publisher Dragonest says it has partnered with tech and entertainment behemoth Tencent to release Drodo Auto Chess in the region to help spread the word.

Speaking to, Dragonest's founder and CEO Loring Lee said that Tencent has a huge reach that will be indispensable for promoting a title like Auto Chess.

Dragonest struck a deal with Auto Chess' creator Drodo Studio to launch an official version of the game in China, both on mobile and - as revealed at E3 this year - PC. That latter version is coming exclusively to the Epic Games Store. The co-publishing deal with Tencent was announced at the start of July

"A good product needs to be known by as many people as possible. As a social empire, Tencent has a huge userbase thanks to [communications apps] QQ and WeChat, which make them it best choice to partner with," Lee said.

"Tactical shooting, asymmetric warfare, after these two phenomena-level game modes, Auto Chess raised to be the first of its kind. Therefore, the co-publishing deal with Tencent provides Auto Chess with the most powerful user resource. This combination would also be a good promotion for the development of the game industry."

Auto Chess started as a Dota 2 Steam Workshop project, amassing millions of subscribers in just a few months following its January release. tackled what the Auto Chess boom was all about right here, if you are curious. 

You can read more from Dragonest in our forthcoming interview with the Chinese publisher

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