Rage 2 can’t overthrow Mordhau’s throne in this week’s Steam Top Ten

Rage 2 can’t overthrow Mordhau’s throne in this week’s Steam Top Ten

Apocalyptic sequel Rage 2 couldn’t muster enough firepower to take down Mordhau in this week’s Steam Top Ten.

Triternion’s breakout sword-slasher has fought off stiff competition to keep pole position for the third week running. First beating out Valve’s new VR headset, this week saw Mordhau take down a new open world Bethesda game.

Rage 2 isn’t out of the running, though. Avalanche’s nine-years-later sequel took No.3 after launching this week (Or maybe it took eighth - Steam’s Weekly Top Sellers feed continues to struggle with multiple editions of games). The Deluxe edition of Rage 2 took seventh place.

Launching later this week, pre-orders for Total War: Three Kingdoms brought Chinese politicking and warfare to the Steam Top Ten at No.2 this week.

A Plague Tale: Innocence takes a different turn on the medieval mud-and-blood trend this week, with its stealthy rat-infested France taking No.6 in today’s chart.

At 50 per cent off, No Man’s Sky returns to the Top Ten. The sale comes ahead of a major update later this summer that brings VR support to the saturated spacefarer.

Risk of Rain 2 closes the charts this week at No.10, five spots down on last week.

Below is the Steam Top Ten for the week ending May 18th.

  1. Mordhau, Triternion
  2. Total War: Three Kingdoms, Sega
  3. Rage 2, Bethesda Softworks
  4. Grand Theft Auto V, Take-Two
  5. Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds, PUBG Corp
  6. A Plague Tale: Innocence, Focus Home Interactive
  7. Rage 2: Deluxe Edition, Bethesda Softworks
  8. Rage 2, Bethesda Softworks
  9. No Man’s Sky, Hello Games
  10. Risk of Rain 2, Gearbox Publishing

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