Editor's Pick: Here are five talks you can't miss at PC Connects Seattle 2019

Editor's Pick: Here are five talks you can't miss at PC Connects Seattle 2019

The first-ever North American PC Connects is taking place in just two weeks in Seattle. 

We have a host of amazing speakers and industry veterans on-stage sharing their insight into the market. We have handpicked what we reckon will be the most interesting sessions from the PC side of the show. 

More information about PC Connects Seattle 2019 can be found right heretickets can be bought here

1. Getting The Most Out Of Your Steam Release
Monday, May 13th

Valve's Tom Giardino and Alden Kroll will be taking attendees to the impossible-to-miss talk a look at the tools available in Steam to communicate with your players and reach new customers before, during, and after release.

2. Everything Wrong
Monday, May 13th

With years of visiting developers around the world and talking with them about culture and process, Valve and Bossa Studios vet Chet Faliszek challenges the base assumptions developers make when starting a studio. The talk questions our default positions on power dynamics, communication, work focus, and other topics.

3. Interactive Entertainment: Harnessing Global Tailwinds & Navigating Storm Systems
Monday, May 13th

Former ESA boss Mike Gallagher will be describing the forces driving growth – and risk – in the global interactive entertainment market. Whether established or new, large or small, every game developer will be impacted by the plate tectonics of policy and market forces.

4. Today's Player Attitudes Shaping Tomorrow's PC Games Market
Monday, May 13th

The PC gaming space has seen unprecedented disruption in the past two years, with everything from battle royale to subscription services altering the status quo. The pace of change shows no signs of letting up now that innovations like Google Stadia are on the horizon.

This talk from SuperData's Carter Rogers will give a look at how players (especially young ones) feel about the current state of the PC gaming and how these sentiments will affect the trajectory of the market in the long run.

Attendees will come away with information including the revenue outlook for free-to-play versus premium PC games, ow users feel about the Epic Games Store, what game types are likely to rise in popularity as members of Generation Z enter the space and early sentiments toward cloud gaming.

5. Think Next: Frontline view of challenges of game industry transformation
Monday, May 13th

Game industry has always grown through cycles of platform changes. These transitions are challenging for everyone but they are, at the same time, opportunities to disrupt the industry. Taewon Yun of Super Evil Megacorp argues that the games industry is going through an unprecedented seismic transition where platforms, distribution channel, market and perspective on gaming itself are changing all at the same time. Deriving lessons from Super Evil’s experience of pioneering mobile core game and esports as well as 20 years+ experience of driving innovation, Taewon will discuss opportunities, challenges of this transition and Super Evil Megacorp’s plan to disrupt the status quo of the games industry.


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