There’s “plenty of interest” in publishing System Shock 3, claims Otherside Entertainment

There’s “plenty of interest” in publishing System Shock 3, claims Otherside Entertainment

Developer Otherside Entertainment has regained the publishing rights to System Shock 3 after parting ways with Starbreeze.

Starbreeze sold these back to Otherside earlier this week having acquired them for $12m back in 2017.

But Otherside hasn’t been entirely left to self-publish. With IP as notable as System Shock, plenty of companies have already expressed interest in picking up the project.

“Tumultuous times are pretty common in the game business – tumultuous isn’t so bad," studio director Warren Spector said, speaking to VG247.

"We parted ways with Starbreeze (amicably) which means we are in the process of lining up a new publishing partner. Happily, given the pedigree of System Shock and the progress we’ve made so far, there’s already a lot of interest.

“Has the situation affected development? Not really. The team is still, as we say, ‘psyched and cranking’ – in other words, continuing as normal. I’m confident we can bring System Shock 3 to market and have it take its place as a leading title in the immersive simulation genre.”

Otherside Entertainment itself hasn’t announced when System Shock 3 is due. Confidence in the venerable IP may be reassuring for the studio, but it has hurdles of its own to overcome after releasing the less-than-stellar Underworld Ascendant in late-2018.

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