Lower spec PUBG Lite launched in Thailand

Lower spec PUBG Lite launched in Thailand

A new lower-spec version of Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds has arrived on PC.

This comes not half a year after PUBG Mobile made a similar move - with a separate development team soft-launching a less graphically-intensive PUBG Mobile Lite on Android in the Philippines.

Rather than opening the door to budget PC gamers worldwide, PUBG Corp appears to be looking to expand into areas where “players in areas where the core game’s required specifications are more difficult to achieve due to the hardware available,” the studio said in a blog post.

Right now, PUBG Lite is only available in Thailand. Players can run through the game’s first map, Erangel, in third person solo, duo and squad games. Importantly, PUBG Lite is free-to-play and will be updated on an entirely separate basis from the core PUBG.

The minimum requirements for PUBG Lite require half as much RAM as PUBG proper (4GB to PUBG’s 8GB), while users can get away with running the game on an Intel HD Graphics 4000 instead of splashing out on a GeForce GTX 960 (or equivalent).

Back on PUBG’s main release, the banhammer keeps on dropping - a number of pro players and 30,000 casual users were banned after exploiting a popular VPN-based radar hack to gain the upper hand.

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