PUBG Corp brings the hammer down on pro players and 30,000 others for exploiting radar hacks

PUBG Corp brings the hammer down on pro players and 30,000 others for exploiting radar hacks

Three Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds pro players have been banned for using radar hacking programs.

PUBG Esports announced via Twitter (below) that four named pro players had been banned for using the “unauthorized program”, and would be banned from official competitive play for three years.

The cheat in question used a VPN to read packets of data sent to game servers - without technically ever accessing the game’s files, which made it harder to track. Players could use this data to show player location data on a second screen.


The players’ respective teams have also been removed from the NPL Preseason, replaced with the next four qualifying teams. They will be prohibited from returning to official PUBG Esports until they replace the suspended players.

Besides pros, PUBG Corp banned over 30,000 players in relation to this hack before Christmas. The company banned an additional ten pro players for this exploit as recently as this week.

“All participating players will go through a comprehensive background check on all their accounts, and any player with incriminating evidence of having used an unauthorized program will be suspended and prevented from competing,” said PUBG Corp, on how it intends to enforce anti-cheating rules going forwards.

PUBG Corp is engaged in a constant fight to stop cheaters in its 100-player deathmatch. Executive producer Taeseok Jang confirmed that over two million accounts were suspended for cheating during the Fix PUBG campaign alone.

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