Updated: SCUM is Devolver's biggest launch yet, 250k copies sold in 24 hours

Updated: SCUM is Devolver's biggest launch yet, 250k copies sold in 24 hours

Update:SCUM has sold over 250,000 units within 24 hours of launching on Steam.

Gamepire’s intrinsically-detailed sandbox has already become publisher Devolver Digital’s most successful launch yet. The game managed to peak at just over 50k concurrent players shortly after stepping into Early Access.

Developed with support from Croteam, SCUM’s success is a surprise given the industry’s shift away from DayZ-style survival towards battle royale. The title’s unique sell is an obsessive simulation of body statistics, where physical fitness is as important as any weapon.


Original story: Survival sandbox SCUM is Devolver Digital’s biggest launch ever with over 50,000 peak players.

Gamepire’s intrinsically-detailed take on the DayZ-esque survival genre hit Steam Early Access yesterday. SCUM simulates countless character statistics that make dehydration and heart attacks as pressing a threat as bullets and bludgeoning.

Steam Stats confirms a peak concurrent counts of 50,282 players. Evidently, that’s far more than the developers anticipated - SCUM has been experiencing server issues due to the demand.

“As you might imagine, we never dreamed of such a huge flood of eager players trying to play our game,” said a representative for Gamepires on the community hub.

“The interest is way higher than even the most optimistic projections we had internally, so it comes as no surprise that connecting to a server will get difficult at times.”

The successful release awards SCUM the title of Devolver’s most successful launch to date - a title previously held by martial-arts multiplayer title Absolver at 30k peak concurrents. The publisher announced the news through Twitter (below).



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