Nvidia streaming service GeForce Now will soon be available for Shield owners

Nvidia streaming service GeForce Now will soon be available for Shield owners

Nvidia Shield owners will be able to access the GeForce Now streaming service beta within the next week.

The Nvidia Shield is the GPU manufacturer’s own streaming box, akin to the Steam Link but with a few extra features for streaming film and TV. The box was revealed with the promise of game streaming through GeForce Now, and Nvidia is finally delivering.

Comparable to services like Playstation Now, GeForce Now lets users stream high-end games to their device through the internet. The current game streaming service offered by Shield requires an $8 monthly subscription, and only works on the player’s owned titles.

The new offering is comparable to the PC and Mac version of GeForce now, allowing users to purchase titles directly through the client. But while desktop users of GeForce Now are subject to a waiting list after signing up, no such barrier exists for Shield owners.

While the Shield continues to be a curious side-project for Nvidia, GPU sales and cryptocurrencies were the company’s biggest drivers this last year. The firm reported a record quarterly revenue at $3.21 billion.

Nvidia isn't the only player in the games-on-demand game, either. A Netflix-inspired services for games has been a sort of holy grail for many companies in the past, with Dutch outfit Utomik the latest to take their shot.

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