Gamers can buy every ship in Star Citizen for the very reasonable price of... $27,000

Gamers can buy every ship in Star Citizen for the very reasonable price of... $27,000

In another astonishing move from Cloud Imperium Games and Roberts Space Initiative, consumers can now buy a bundle that gives them every single space ship in Star Citizen for... $27,000.

Yes, you read that correctly. As reported by MMOPulse, splashing that sort of cash on the Legatus Pack - certainly more than the annual salary of most journalists writing up this news - will get users 117 space ships, as well as 163 extra goodies including skins and in-game items.

It gets better, as well. In order to even view the store page for these items, consumers need to have already spent $1,000 within the game. So really, it's $28,000 in total.

This follows the developer selling digital land in the game at the end of 2017.

Star Citizen is an astonishing feat in crowdfunding. To date it has raised in the region of $200m over the last six years. The project raised double that raised by Kickstarter projects in total in 2017.

The game was Kickstarted in 2012 with a 2014 release date. Clearly the game missed that mark and currently doesn't have a launch window.

Worries about whether the game is going to come out aren't Cloud Imperium's only worry; the firm is currently being sued by Crytek over its use of the CryEngine.

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