Sea of Thieves studio Rare divided into three teams for post-launch content

Sea of Thieves studio Rare divided into three teams for post-launch content

UK-based developer Rare has released an update video to give consumers an idea of what to expect from Sea of Thieves moving forward.

In a video (below), executive producer Joe Neate said that the staff working on the project have been divided into three separate teams. Each individual group are developing separate bits of post-launch content. These are Hungering Deep, Cursed Sales and Forsaken Shores.

In addition to these big ticket development tasks, the teams are also working on weekly updates and responding to user feedback.

Yesterday (Tuesday, May 1st), Neate said the studio had rolled out one of the first cosmetic and customisation updates to the game; until now, Rare has primarily been working on bug fixes.

"Since we launched, we've been tackling a lot of the top launch issues for the game, taking on some of the top feedback points but really we're into this rhythm of looking forward and working on content for the Hungering Deep but also content updates beyond that," Neate said.

"We've actually changed the structure of how the team is formed to enable us to deliver as much cool new content to developers as possible. The team is now split into three separate teams. One is working on the Hungering Deep update, one is working on the Cursed Sales update and the third is working on the Forsaken Shores update. The way the teams are structured is that they have the major features that they're looking to deliver for that update. They're also working on the weekly events within that timeframe period and they're taking top feedback points being fed into them."

Sea of Thieves launched in March, garnering two million players in its first week. Though it was a big hit on streaming platforms upon release, it has since dropped off the radar somewhat in that regard. There have been complaints of the game lacking content to encourage players to stick around - something that will no doubt be rectified by content updates.

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