Bossa's Olifiers: I want games to come to Early Access earlier

Bossa's Olifiers: I want games to come to Early Access earlier

The CEO of Worlds Adrift maker Bossa Studios Henrique Olifiers says that what gamers expect from Early Access has changed due to projects launching in a more polished state.

Speaking to, the exec says that he wished more titles came to Early Access earlier, with developers working with the community to iron out problems and so on.

This comes as the studio prepares to release its ambitious MMO Worlds Adrift into Valve's alpha programme.

"Commercially, studios are looking at it as two chances to launch a game; on Early Access and out of Early Access," he said.

"It's a bit sad. I want games to come to Early Access much earlier. If you are playing something like Oxygen Not Included, when you launch the game there's a massive splash screen explaining that the game is in Early Access and isn't done. There will be bugs, it will break, and you click okay to get past that. Then, on the main menu, there is a development log with all the updates and information about patches. On the bottom, there's something telling you when the next update is going to come. All that is to circumvent the expectation players have - that in Early Access, everything should work.

"So what's the point of Early Access? I find that we are losing something by not allowing games to go on Early Access very rough and allowing the community to experience that and work with that without being super critical of the pace, or when a feature you wanted didn't make it. There are always reasons."

You can read our full interview with Olifiers about Worlds Adrift right here

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