Improbable is teaming up with French game developer Darewise Entertainment

Improbable is teaming up with French game developer Darewise Entertainment

London-based cloud tech company Improbable has partnered with Paris' Darewise Entertainment. The deal will allow them look into developing with the firm's Spatial OS platform.

The creative leader of Darewise, Randy Smith (right) - known for Thief - and Viktor Antonov (far right) of Half-Life 2 and Dishonored fame, will explore the possible application of SpatialOS for future Darewise projects with Improbable.

As well as the partnership, the studio is continuing with its development of Early Access Martian survival sim, Rokh.

Improbable is exploring how SpatialOS could help to bring new game design ideas to life. We caught up with the tech firm last year to see what its plans for SpatialOS are, but the partnership will see consultations between Improbable and Darewise that are both creative and technical. The end result will be the development of a game demo built and developed using SpatialOS.

“The creative partnership of Randy and Viktor, and the talent supporting their vision at Darewise, is tremendously exciting,” said Improbable CCO Bill Roper.

“We’re looking forward to seeing how SpatialOS could inform and enable their vision, and to learning more about how to improve our technology and workflows to better support innovative studios like Darewise”

Randy Smith, Darewise design director, added: “We at Darewise are always looking for new ways to push the boundaries of online gaming experiences, and we are very excited to explore the possibilities of a new type of virtual world, with richer simulations and meaningful persistence that are only possible thanks to SpatialOS.”

Improbable saw a massive investment of $502m last year, which they used to continue to develop the SpatialOS service, as well as expand and investments in other developers.

The partnership with Darewise is not the only deal that Improbable have signed, having recently also teamed up with Chinese games giant NetEase, as well as Automaton and Spilt Milk.

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