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Id and Mick Gordon part ways over Doom Eternal soundtrack

Id and Mick Gordon part ways over Doom Eternal soundtrack

Doom Eternal developer Id Software has announced that it won't be working with that game's composer Mick Gordon (pictured) again.

In a statement on Reddit, the title's executive producer Marty Stratton said that was parting ways with the musician after Gordon criticised the mixing of the official soundtrack. The composer had previously replied to users on Twitter complaining about the versions of his music that were released officially.

Stratton said that Gordon didn't deliver tracks on time and the songs that were delivered weren't what Id was after. As a result, the studio mixed Gordon's audio with some o their own creations, which finally made it into the game.

"What has become unacceptable to me are the direct and personal attacks on our lead audio designer - particularly considering his outstanding contributions to the game - as well as the damage this mischaracterisation is doing to the many talented people who have contributed to the game and continue to support it," Stratton said.

He continued: "I'm as disappointed as anyone that we're at this point but as we have many times before, we will adapt to changing circumstances and pursue the most unique and talented artists in the industry with whom to collaborate.

"Our team has enjoyed this creative collaboration a great deal and we know Mick will continue to delight fans for many years ahead."

Gordon had previously said he doubted he'd work with Id again, so we can't imagine that he's particularly upset about how this has all turned out.

Mick Gordon was praised for his heavy metal soundtrack for 2016's Doom reboot.

Doom Eternal launched in March 2020 and went straight to the top of the Steam charts upon release. Within days of hitting shelves, the title saw 104.9k concurrent users on Valve's platform, with publisher Bethesda claiming that the title saw the best opening weekend of the franchise to date.

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