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DayZ creative director Brian Hicks to leave Bohemia Interactive

DayZ creative director Brian Hicks to leave Bohemia Interactive

DayZ creative director Brian Hicks is set to leave Bohemia Interactive.

Hicks revealed news of his departure through a status update on the DayZ blog. While praising work done on the title’s upcoming .63 update, Hicks claimed that DayZ has reached a point where he is no longer needed and that will now depart the studio.

“I feel DayZ has reached a point in which I, much like how Dean felt years back - am no longer needed,” said Hicks.

“I've spent years talking to you all, working with the team, and collaborating with Peter Nespešný on where we want DayZ to be.

“From here, I look forward to opportunities back home in the States, being closer to family, and playing DayZ as much as I possibly can.”

Hicks’ departure echoes those of Dean Hall, creator of DayZ back in its Arma 2 mod days.

Hall said at the time: “I have a specific use. I'm really good at risk-taking and making other people take risks. Eventually, that's the bad person to have”

While Hicks will no longer lead direction on DayZ he assured fans that the project is in capable hands.

He claimed the last year has seen him take more and more of a backseat role, and pushed colleagues to take more creative control.

The loss of a creative director will hopefully not hit DayZ too hard, as the standalone ramps up to release later this year, having been in Steam Early Access since 2013.

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