Bohemia 'disheartened' as Arma 3 used to fake Israel-Palestine war footage

Bohemia 'disheartened' as Arma 3 used to fake Israel-Palestine war footage

Czech game developer Bohemia Interactive has once again had to address the fact that footage of Arma 3 is being used as fake news about the Israel-Palestine conflict.

In a post on Twitter, the company again shared the guide it had previously released last year when the exact same thing was happening with Russia's invasion of Ukraine. Thanks to its focus on realism and real-life military tech, Arma games have long been used to spoof footage of real-life warzones and create fake news.

"It’s disheartening for us to see the game we all love being used in this way," Bohemia wrote.

"While we have found ways to tackle this issue somewhat effectively by closely cooperating with leading fact-checking agencies, sadly we can't mitigate it entirely.

"We can see many of you actively helping debunk such videos on various social media platforms, and we thank you for this."

You can find Bohemia's guide to checking whether warzone footage is in fact from a video game here.

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