All 14 games from the first ever PC Indie Pitch

All 14 games from the first ever PC Indie Pitch

Here at Steel Media we've been running our mobile focused Big Indie Pitch for quite some time now. For those who don’t know, the Big Indie Pitch is an event for smaller developers to present their latest creation to a panel of eager and knowledgeable judges. Not only is it a great chance to get all important expert feedback, but it's also a perfect for networking too. There's also a prize or two for the top three as well.

Even more exciting though is the fact that we recently hosted the first ever PC Indie Pitch recently as a part of Gamescom week. All in all, 14 developers from all around the world ran the PC pitching gauntlet, with the judges given more than a few difficult decisions when it came to who would walk the winner of the first ever PC Indie Pitch.

On this occasion, Happy Volcano's The Almost Gone improved on their 2nd place in the mobile Big Indie Pitch and walked away with first place. Second place was then awarded to Panic Barn and their game Regional Nightclub Bouncer, with third place being wisked away by Mooneye Studios' Lost Ember.

However as always, the top 3 is only part of the story of the PC Indie Pitch. So let me introduce you to not only the top 3, but the other 11 games that were pitched as part of the competition.

1st Place - The Almost Gone

By Happy Volcano

The Almost Gone is a mystery point-and-click adventure, one with a deep and moving story. In this game you take control of a young girl's spirit as she searches for a way-out of the purgatory afterlife she has found herself in. Throughout the story you'll not only help others who have found themselves trapped, but also discover how the young girl found herself where she is. Gameplay is focused around exploring single tiles. Tiles which can then me rotated in order to discover things that weren't previously there.

All in all, it's one of the most exciting games we've seen pitched, and it's definitely one to keep your eyes peeled on.

2nd Place - Regional Nightclub Bouncer

By Panic Barn

Are you still angry about Brexit and wondering what the United Kingdom may look like in the future? Well if so then Regional Nightclub Bouncer is for you. Set in a post-Brexit Britain where talks collapsed and a far-right government took control, you take control of a European citizen forcibly removed from their London life and dropped into a booming gig economy app - BouncR. Work the doors of regional nightlife hotspots in an attempt to scrape money together and progress back to your old life inPapers Please inspired puzzle style gameplay.

3rd Place - Lost Ember

By Mooneye Studios

Set in a post-apocalyptic world where nature has retaken control of the land, you play as a wolf with the ability to posses other animals. Through this unique skill you will explore the beautifully presented world through multiple different perspectives, all whilst uncovering hidden secrets and places that played a role in the fall of human civilisation.

Lost Ember aims to to achieve a relaxing gameplay that lets the player move through the world at their own pace, and importantly, in their own way.

Strikers Edge

By Fun Punch Games

Think medieval dodgeball crossed with spears, and you've got Striker's Edge. In this PvP battler players must whatever means necessary to take down their opponent who lies on the other side of the rift. All whilst dodging and deflecting their opponent's relentless attacks.

It may seem simple at first, but jump into Striker's Edge and you'll find an addictive and deep game. On that promises to offer an extensive amount of multiplayer value. There's even Twitch integration built in!

Lost Words

By Sketchbook Games

Lost Words is a narrative adventure about a young aspiring writer who finds herself dealing with the grief of her recently deceased Grandmother. The gameplay itself is all set between the pages of her diary alongside a fantasy land, with players running on and interacting with the words of the diary in order to solve puzzles. What's more, if that doesn't sound interesting enough, Rihanna Pratchett is writing the story which ties this unique game together.

Die for Valhalla!

By Monster Couch

Die for Valhalla! is a 2D arcade adventure all about slashing, hacking and crushing. From heroes to enemies, and even scenery in between, possess whatever it takes to help the Vikings save their world. One where Norse Mythology collides with Lovecraftian mythos. Sounds Weird? You ain't seen the half of it.

Holy Potatoes! What the Hell?!

By Daylight Studios

And you though we'd already gotten too random? Holy Potatoes! What the Hell?! is a beautifully polished yet whacky, hell-themed cooking management sim. One where you take on the role of a chef in an Afterlife populated by potatoes!

Gampeplay revolves around sorting potato sinners into cooking stations to extract sinfully delicious ingredients. These can then be used to cook up potato-based dishes, all in order to appease the gods. I told you it was random.


By SpellCaster Studios

Gateway is a voxel-based action-adventure shooter with old school sensibilities. One with a story based on classic 50's science-fiction literature and comics. Each planet within the game is procedurally generated, as are the all the enemies and bosses. There's even a random mission system to compliment the story, meaning that every playthrough will be unique. 

Caveman Warriors

By JanduSoft

Return to the days of the Caveman as you smash heads in this local cooperative platformer game. Inspired by retro classics like Metal Slug, Joe & Mac and Streets of Rage, Caveman Warriors offers up to four player cooperative gameplay that should satisfy any gamer who misses the good old days of couch based multi-player. It is worth noting though that despite this, you can still Caveman Warriors solo.

Voxel Clicker

By Quantumfrog

With Voxel Clicker, Quantumfrog are looking to bring the super popular mobile gaming mechanics of clicker style games, and then combine this with adventure and exploration mechnics. So, get those fingers ready, as there's a lot of different arenas and dungeons to explore, and numerous enemies ot defeat.


By Alien Pixel Studios

Unbound is a 2D puzzle-platformer which focuses entirely on your environment. The gameplay is centred around  travelling between different realities through magic sphere-shaped portals. These portals alter world elements, offering new, and sometimes unexpected, results. That's not all though, as whilst Unbound offers a reality shifting journey, Alien Pixel Studios also plan to offer a dark story framed inside a cartoonish, vibrant hand-drawn environment.

Super Dungeon World

By Gamerise

Super Dungeon World turn-based strategy game which aims to break down the complexity of the genre in order to offer a wide reaching and accessible experience. Featuring 2D retro inspired pixel graphics, a fantasy setting, and the promise of new mechanics, Super Dungeon World is hoping to offer an experience that is both new and old at the same time.

Drunk-Fu: Wasted Masters

By Rusto

Centred around the idea of drunken brawling, Drunk-Fu: Wasted Masters uses rag doll physics to create a surreal arena fighting game. One in which players must master the physics before they even get to the fighting itself. What’s more, it’s not just PvP either, as players can also team up with friends to take down computer controlled AI characters too.

Gray Dawn

By Interactive Stone

Gray Dawn is a first-person horror game that entangles you into the terrifying adventure of a priest on a quest to prove his innocence. Set in a gothic inspired world, Gray Dawn can't help but give you the chills as you delve deeper and deeper into the game's claustrophobic Eastern European stylised environment. All in all, developer Interactive Stone promises a game that will toy with the player's emotions over and over again.


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