PortaPlay perfectly plots a course to The PC Indie Pitch crown at G-Star 2019

PortaPlay perfectly plots a course to The PC Indie Pitch crown at G-Star 2019

2019 has been a year of growth for The PC Indie Pitch with nine events across ten locations around the globe in our never-ending quest to discover and highlight new development talent.

So what better way to end 2019 than with our season sponsors G-Star, as we took to the floor of one of Asia’s biggest trade shows to host our annual South Korea pitch.

The Big Indie Pitch is a regular event run by the makers of which gives indie developers the chance to showcase their games to industry experts and journalists in a speed-dating-style format.

Teams get the opportunity to get valuable feedback on their games, as well as win great prizes such as promotional packages and, more importantly, the coveted Big Indie Pitch bat.

Our PC Indie Pitch at G-Star 2019 Top 3

Taking place within the show’s impressive indie showcase area, our 2019 South Korea pitch saw a mix of brand new and returning developers showcase their games to some of the region’s biggest experts. All with the hope of walking away with the prestigious baseball bat, and the title of final PC Indie Pitch champion of 2019.

From pinpoint precision one vs one beat-em-up action, to alternative World War Two strategic battles, and even to wacky and zany 80s inspired twin-stick zombie shooting action, this pitch was one of the most competitive of the year, and an excellent way to end 2019's record-breaking year for the PC edition of The Big Indie Pitch. What's more, you can read all about our top three right here below.

FIRST PLACE - Broken Lines by PortaPlay

In Broken Lines, you take control of eight misfit soldiers who have become stranded deep behind enemy lines within an unknown area of the battlefield. From here players must utilise all their strategic skills and knowledge in order to guide as many of the team as possible through the danger, and ultimately to safety.

This squad-based tactical strategy experience combines deep immersive storytelling and rogue-lite elements with clear inspiration from icons of the genre like X-Com, Banner Saga and Frozen Synapse. This promises to be a deep and immersive experience filled with reasons to keep players engaged for extended periods of time.

SECOND PLACE - Bayani by Ranida Games

Drawing primarily from the figures, traditions, and landmarks of Filipino culture and history as inspiration, Bayani is a one on one indie fighting game that offers players a stylish and tactical take on this hugely popular genre. Each character as always will be outfitted with their own unique array of attacks, and battles will take place across a variety of different battlefields. Developer Ranida Games also plans to offer an in-depth storyline that utilises these legends and traditions of the Philippines, whilst placing this within an alternate timeline where anything can happen.

That's not all though, as Bayani is actually one of our returning finalists from 2018, and ever since then, Bayani has only gone from strength to strength. Not only have the tactical elements and graphics considerably improved on an already strong core, but the game has also been involved in the professional fighting game circuit too. Ranida Games also plans to add more characters, arenas and moves all before the game's full release in 2020.

THIRD PLACE - ZombieSoup by Aeonsparx Interactive

Ever wondered what zombies, comedy, frantic twin-stick shooting and a healthy dose of the 1980s would look like? Well if so, look no further than ZombieSoup. In this top-down hack-n-slash shooting adventure players assume the role of Ricky, who wakes up in the middle of a small town that has become overrun with zombies and freakish monsters - albeit not the kinds of ones you may be used to.

Ever fought a zombie fish monger utilising a giant fish as a weapon? Disco infused hordes of the undead? Or maybe a revolver wielding cowboy corpse? Well in ZombieSoup you'll need all of your twitch-based shooting skills alongside powerful upgradable weapons, if you want to save the survivors and vanquish this unconventional army of undead in this nostalgia-filled adventure into all things wacky and crazy.

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