Nekki partners with Story Kitchen for the feature film adaptation of SPINE

Nekki partners with Story Kitchen for the feature film adaptation of SPINE

Cyprus based developer Nekki recently announced that it has partnered with media company Story Kitchen, founded by Sonic the Hedgehog Producer Dmitri M. Johnson, to adapt its upcoming action game, SPINE, into a live-action film.

After rising to prominence for its popular Shadow Fight series on mobile, Nekki has undertaken its most ambitious project to date in SPINE. The slick, cyberpunk style, gun-fu game - expected to launch for PC and Consoles in the near future - will feature a fusion of cinematic gunplay and close-combat beat 'em up mechanics, set against a story that explores the risks and benefits of AI in a dystopian future.

Nekki took the notable measure of developing its own proprietary animation software, Cascadeur, to help realise the quality of cinematic gameplay intended for the game, and has also taken on a massive cross-media effort to expand the franchise after launch. Comic books, board games, and a host of merchandise are just some of the media expected to feature the SPINE brand. Not to mention of course the prospect of a live-action movie.

On the topic of SPINE’s movie adaptation and partnership with Story Kitchen, Dmitry Terekhin, Founder and CEO of Nekki, said: “We’re so pleased to bring SPINE to Story Kitchen. We believe that truly great stories always stand out, and the SPINE universe will captivate audiences across any media.”

Story Kitchen has gone on the record with equal enthusiasm, stating: “When we first learned of the upcoming game from Nekki, we lost our collective minds and had to find a way to partner. SPINE, with its main character ‘Redline’, could not be more badass!”

Players can wishlist SPINE on Steam and keep up to date with the game’s development on the official website, Discord, Twitter/X, and Facebookchannels.


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