Report: Ubisoft staff says firm still mishandling misconduct

Report: Ubisoft staff says firm still mishandling misconduct

French publishing giant Ubisoft is apparently not handling bad behaviour at the company properly.

That's according to Kotaku, who spoke to nine former or current employees at the company, who say that complaints at the firm aren't being dealt with.

One said that they filed a complaint of misconduct through one of Ubisoft's anonymous reporting platforms and never heard a response. Meanwhile, another member of staff says they repeatedly reached out to the external company the firm hired to handle misconduct complaints and were ultimately told that the complaint was not going to be investigated.

“I suddenly began to understand the response some veteran Ubisoft devs gave me when I tried to recruit them to come forward [about similar issues],” one source said.

“It was always some variation of, ‘Same thing happens every few years, I’ve reported X number of things, with witnesses and proof and either nothing was done or person X was promoted or moved.’ It’s sad, and if it’s an intentional way of burying this stuff, it’s working.”

This comes in the wake of widespread allegations of misconduct at Ubisoft in 2020. CEO Yves Guillemot has admitted that despite the work the firm has put in to try and change things at the company, Ubisoft still has a long way to go to rebuild trust with its staff.

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