Ubisoft's Guillemot admits more work is needed to rebuild employee trust

Ubisoft's Guillemot admits more work is needed to rebuild employee trust

The CEO of Ubisoft Yves Guillemot (pictured) has responded to an open letter written by staffin which they criticised the company's handling of misconduct last year.

As reported by Axios' Stephen Totilo, the exec said that the firm had made great progress since the wave of allegations against employees were made but recognised from the letter that there are still those who are not confident in the processes that have been set up.

Since the accusations in 2020, Ubisoft claims to have changed how human resource works at the company and has introduced anonymous reporting tools to make sure that those who want to complain or raise concerns can do safely.

"These are important steps forward but this is a long process and there is still more work to be done," Guillemot wrote.

"Yesterday's letter expresses concern from employees who want to make Ubisoft a better place. We have heard clearly from this letter that not everyone is confident in the processes that have been put in place to manage misconduct reports."

The exec goes on to say that this will be a top priority for Anika Grant, who was hired as Ubisoft's chief people officer in April of this year having worked at Uber.

The open letter to Ubisoft management was written in the wake of a lawsuit that was brought against Activision Blizzard which outlined a toxic working culture at the publishing giant. Staff at the latter also penned an open letter to Activision Blizzard management following a mixed and poorly thought out response from execs.

Ubisoft is also facing a lawsuit over its handling of misconduct from French union Solidaires Informatique.

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