Ánimo Games Studio's cosmic puzzler Star Stuff wins the Very Big Indie Pitch in Seattle

Ánimo Games Studio's cosmic puzzler Star Stuff wins the Very Big Indie Pitch in Seattle

Recently Pocket Gamer Connects packed its bags and headed back to the United States for Pocket Gamer Connects Seattle. This also meant the return of The Very Big Indie Pitch. The Very Big Indie Pitch is our bumper edition competition where even more developers can pitch an ever-increasing range of brand-new and diverse gaming experiences from some of the most exciting indie developers from across the globe.

The Big Indie Pitch is a regular event run by the makers of It gives indie developers the chance to pitch their games to industry experts and journalists in a speed-dating-style format. Teams receive valuable feedback and the opportunity to win great prizes such as promotional packages and opportunities to promote their game.

The Big Indie Pitch returns to Seattle

As always, the competition – with 21 games pitched – was extremely tough. However, eventually, the judges were able to settle on a top three and ultimately one worthy winner.

All in all, one thing is for sure: all of our finalists, which you can learn more about below, are more than worthy of highlighting.

1st Place -  Star Stuff by Ánimo Games Studio

Star Stuff is a relaxing puzzle automation game that mixes bot programming with real-time antics. Ever since the Big Bang, Starliens have been crafting and creating the very cosmos we see in the night sky, including shooting stars, solar systems and even the possibility of life. Of course, this kind of creation requires a factory, and luckily for Mija, they're about to start their first day at the Star Factory as they work as an engineer combining blazing clouds of hydrogen and stardust.

Starting from an entry-level position, you must help Mija to the top through thoughtfully-curated challenges and mind-bending puzzles. Though you won't be alone, as there will be help on offer from colleagues and an assortment of very cute bots. Oh and if you’re ever feeling overwhelmed, remember: it’s all good. Breathe. You have all the time you need, you superstar.


2nd Place - Keyword2: Hotpot Detective by City From Naught

Keyword 2: Hotpot Detective is a sequel to our City From Naught's debut title Keyword: A Spider’s Thread. This time around, Keyword2 expands upon its roots, once again offering a 3D single-player, first-person open-world detective RPG. One that places an emphasis on world-building and character development.

As such, through Keyword2, City From Naught hope to offer players the chance to immerse themselves in a truly living, breathing world that is filled with a diverse cast of NPCs, conspiracies as well as mind-bending puzzles. Are you up to the challenge?

3rd Place - Ink Inside by Blackfield Entertainment

From the team that brought you Steven Universe: Unleash the Light, Ink Inside is a hand-drawn adventure that looks to embody the very essence of a Saturday Morning Cartoon. Gameplay takes the form of an action RPG, and follows "Stick", an unfinished doodle trapped in a box of notebooks beneath a slowly leaking ceiling. Sadly, this leak sees the water sees into the notebooks, in turn warping the and turning once friendly doodles into mindless, soggy monsters.

Throughout the game, you'll have to uncover lost memories, unlock new abilities, and grow stronger if you want to save your Sticks friends, defeat the wetness corrupting the world, and reveal Stick’s Genetic Memory - the memory each doodle shares with their creator.

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