Here's why GTA Online doesn't do more real-life brand collabs

Here's why GTA Online doesn't do more real-life brand collabs

The CEO of Take-Two Strauss Zelnick has said that the company hasn't included many brand collaborations within Grand Theft Auto Online as they could be jarring and not fit with the world.

Speaking to, the exec said that Rockstar very much has the reigns when it comes to content like this, adding that it wouldn't just include any brand because of the financial opportunity.

Unlike some other online worlds, like Fortnite and Roblox, Grand Theft Auto Online hasn't done much in the way of brand collaborations, unlike those aforementioned games which have teamed up with the big film, TV and music brands.

"The world of GTA is a fictional world, so to bring real-life brands in, they really have to be iconic and they have to fit within that world," Zelnick explained.

"It's very much a creative decision driven by the team at Rockstar. It's not a financial decision. We run all of our businesses here in an effort to engage and captivate consumers, and then we figure monetization takes care of itself. We wouldn't include a brand just based on a financial opportunity in any of our titles.

"There are other titles that are really well suited to involving brands and even having direct advertising, NBA is one of them, PGA is another. When you involve yourself with those games in the real world, you have an expectation of seeing advertisers and sponsors. But you don't really have that expectation in Grand Theft Auto, except for fictional brands. So to bring a real-world experience in requires a lot of thought and sensitivity to consumers, and I think that's what Rockstar Games is known for."

Grand Theft Auto V has shipped over 165 million copies since its 2013 launch.

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