Paradox, Platinum and 2K among G-STAR 2020 speaker line-up

Paradox, Platinum and 2K among G-STAR 2020 speaker line-up

The speaker line-up has been announced for the upcoming South Korean trade show G-STAR 2020.

Swedish strategy giant Paradox, Japanese action specialists Platinum and US games giant 2K are among those taking to the virtual stage, alongside the likes of Facebook, Gen.G eSport and Hypergryph when G-STAR runs between November 17th and 21st.

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The full speaker line-up will be covering a vast range of topics, including development, esports, AR/VR, blockchain gaming and the upcoming next-gen consoles.

Here are some of the talks that you can check out at the show:

Trends in the Korean Game Industry and the ArcheAge2 development story - Jake Song, XLGames
In this session, Jake Song, Korea’s top game developer and founder of XLGames, along with other key members of XLGames, will analyze the trends in the game industry. They also discuss future plans and details on the Korean’s top-anticipated ArcheAge2.

The Story of a Star Developer who Changed the Paradigm of Action Games - Hideki Kamiya, PlatinumGames
PlatinumGames is one of leading Japanese game studio, developing the Bayonetta series, and Nier-Automata and more. Hideki Kamiya, the director of Devil May Cry, Resident Evil 2 (and more) will reveal his own philosophy and simple story for action game development in this session.

NBA 2K21 Development Story - 2K Games
The next generation of basketball games has finally arrived bringing a whole host of new features and upgrades to the series. Learn all about the development of the latest game, the challenges faced, and how these were overcome.

The Crusader Kings 3 Development Story - Alexander Oltner, Paradox Interactive
Paradox Interactive crafts games for all systems that allow players to experience rich, personal stories. Their latest release, Crusader Kings 3, launched over the summer, and has been a tremendous success, beloved by longtime fans of the series while attracting many new players at the same time.

The Age Of Making A Living By Playing Games: Pro Gamers Are Not The Last Stop - Kang Chan-Yong (Ambition), Gen.G eSport
Kang Chan-Yon is better known as Ambition in League of Legends. Kang is retired but works as a streamer for Gen.G eSports and will provide insight into the life of a pro gamer.

How Arknights Became a Unique Game – Hai Mao, Hypergryph
Arknights is a strategy RPG for mobile with visually stunning graphics and a well-crafted continuous storyline. Design Director Hai Mao will explain the story behind the game’s development.

MZ Generation Strategy: How We Found the Answers in Road of Heroes - Yoon Sung-Guk, Clover Games
Clover Games is based in Seoul and makes wonderfully creative RPGs. This talk will focus on how they used specific knowledge of their target audience to create Road of Heroes.

Blood Ocean Beyond the Red Sea: Succeeding With an Indie Game - Moon Ji-Hwan, Team Horay
Team Horay is an indie game development team based in South Korea. This talk will explain a little about the creation of its title Dungreed and its incredible achievements to date.

Current Trends in Adventure Games: Console Games in Korea - Jin Seung-Ho, LINE Games Corporation / Team Largo
Jin Seung-Ho from Team Largo will take you through the development of Buried Stars, a mystery adventure game set inside a TV studio, where players must communicate with the other contestants and try to escape the collapsing building.

A Very Refreshing Game: The Development Story of Baba is You - Arvi Teikari, Hempuli
Baba is You by Finnish developer Arvi Teikari won awards for Best Student Game and Excellence in Design at the Independent Game Festival in 2018. In his own words, developer Arvi Teikari will talk about how he developed this unique and creative puzzle game.

A Story of the Positive Elements of Gaming through KT Real Cube - Park Jung-Ho, KT
KT Real Cube offers XR experiences to create a mixed reality learning experience for both young and older generations to promote brain health and activity. KT’s Park Jung-Ho will share his insights.

The Prospect of VR Entertainment - Yelena Rachitsky, Facebook/Oculus
There is no doubt VR is here to stay, but how will it continue to expand beyond games? Facebook’s Yelena Rachitsky will explore all the possibilities.

The Next Digital Revolution Will Start in Virtual Worlds - Sebastien Borget, The Sandbox
The Sandbox is a community-driven platform where creators can monetise voxel assets and gaming experiences on the blockchain. Sebastien Borget will discuss how everyone can benefit from the virtual world experience through blockchain, and explain their native token SAND, virtual space LAND, and making your own playable game without coding or programming knowledge.

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