Early Bird tickets available for G-STAR 2020

Early Bird tickets available for G-STAR 2020

Those interested in attending Korea's G-STAR 2020 digital conference have until October 12th to buy Early Bird tickets.

These will set attendees back just $100, before doubling to $200 the following day. Head here to buy your ticket at this Early Bird rate.

The event is set to take place between November 17th and 21st, with attendees able to listen to top speakers at the G-CON conference event as well as connect with other members of the industry via the Live Biz Matching system.

The matchmaking system goes live on October 13th, the day after the Early Bird price for tickets ends.

Once again, Pocket Gamer Connects is the Western partner for G-STAR. The upcoming Pocket Gamer Connects Digital #4 is set to take place between November 9th and 13th. If you're interested in attending both G-STAR and Pocket Gamer Connects Digital #4, you can register for both at the same time to receive a 20 per cent discount overall. You can sign up here.

The South Korean PC games market is the fourth-largest in the world, coming in behind China, the USA and Japan. This platform makes up 47 per cent of the market.

For more information head over to G-STAR's website.

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