Sea of Thieves sails onto Steam next month

Sea of Thieves sails onto Steam next month

Rare's pirate romp Sea of Thieves will be available on Steam next month.

As revealed in a news update, the game will sail onto Valve's storefront on June 3rd at a price of $39.99, over two years after the action-adventure title was released on Xbox One and Windows 10 in March 2018.

As of January 2020, 10 million players have taken to the life of a pirate and sailed the seas. However, since Sea of Thieves is on Xbox Game Pass, it doesn't mean that the open-world title has been bought 10 million times.

Microsoft has claimed the pirate adventure to be its most successful first-party game for this generation.

"Anything can happen in a session on the seas: you can fight immense Megalodon battles, tangle with a Kraken, raid a Skeleton Fort, chase down other unsuspecting player ships to steal their loot (or fall prey to another crew with the same idea), or change gears to take on fast-paced PvP gameplay at its purest in The Arena," said Rare executive producer Joe Neate.

"If you've got the skill and the mettle to overcome these challenges, you might even reach the heights of Pirate Legend – unlocking exclusive cosmetics, locations and quests reserved for only the best of buccaneers."

In a FAQ section, users have been informed that their progress will carry over on to Steam. However, to play the game users will need a Windows Live account. Furthermore, cross-play is enabled for all Xbox, Steam and Windows 10 players.

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